For reasons best known to them, industry and social groups reguarly call upon me to speak at functions. I'll actually talk about anything they like, but two presentations are reguarly requested:



The title pretty much says it all, but if you're left in any doubt, I basically -- ah -- deconstruct what's right and wrong with the five-star travel industry in Australia.

I've taken 'the presentation that dare not speak its name' to tourism industry conferences in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and WA, speaking to audiences of up to 300.  

I also do a version of the same presentation for the food and wine industry. 

If you want me to f**k-up at your prestigious event, drop me a line.

Max Anderson spoke to a packed room of tired Tasmanian tourism operators near the end of a long Conference day. The crowd soon sat up and some weren’t quite sure what hit them as the apparently mild-mannered Max let loose a few choice expletives and started sharing his hilarious anecdotes of ‘Five Star F**k Ups’.
Max’s presentation had the audience in stitches, and some crying with laughter; it provided a great wake-up for delegates before our final keynote, and was also an excellent vehicle for some very pertinent reminders and practical home truths about customer service, business design and the customer experience – applicable  for any business.

Luke Martin, CEO, Tourism Industry Council Tasmania 
(Tasmanian Tourism Conference, August 2014)



I do a half-hour session (a reading, talk and Q&A) on my book Digger. It goes something like this: short guy goes to the WA Goldfields, gets ridiculed by hard-bitten old-timers, finds gold. You get the gist.